We’re in this for the long-term benefit of the global cycling community and, like anything worth doing, we know that takes time and patience. That’s why it was necessary to keep the ICL and SpeedtrakTM under wraps for so long. Since part of the creative process is about working out the kinks, it was only natural to have a proof of concept event before taking things to the next level.

Now we can emphatically say, you won’t be disappointed!

First SpeedtrakTM Game Recap

23 Feb 2016 – 8PM Tuesday Evening – Mattamy National Cycling Centre, Milton, ON, CAN


Team Toronto (James McLean, Scott Laliberte, Steve McKee, Chris Firek, Adam LeFebvre, Sara Rasmussen and Julia Bradley with Joe Ballagher as Mechanic) was trailing by 14 points when they were at the start of the final race of the inaugural SpeedtrakTM Game to Team Montreal. An aggressive pace from the start helped Toronto ensure more players in the lead group at the end of the race. With two more players than any other team they were able to conserve enough energy to secure first and third positions in the final sprint, where the heavy bonus points were enough to overcome their seventeen point deficit from second place. It could not have been more exciting than to have the 12 race co-ed SpeedtrakTM game come down to the photo finish to decide the winners.

A game composed of 12 races and four city-based teams battling for the highest accrued point totals, SpeedtrakTM presented a novel experience for the players. The co-ed teams of Toronto, Montreal, Detroit, and Chicago were quick to change their initial strategies, realizing the mixed endurance and sprint format presented new opportunities. Now they were able to collectively take advantage of the strengths of all their players to overcome other teams. After the first four races a three way tie for the lead had only Chicago lagging.

The finish of the last race Men’s SuperSprint covering forty laps of the 250 metre velodrome had the red jersey of Toronto’s Adam Lefebvre holding off the fast charging blue jersey Montreal youngster Lucas Taylor. A tire width behind in third was Toronto’s Chris Firek gaining the necessary 12 points for the comeback to win the game.

Toronto had rallied in the final race of the game, the men’s SuperSprint which has all 5 male players per team on the track, with a change of strategy as the Chris McKee had to be replaced with Julia Bradley because of injury. Julia was key in Toronto’s early race high tempo to weaken and whittle down other teams players from being a factor in a front group ahead of a chasing pack.

The SpeedtrakTM game format innovation will be the foundation for a sustainable aspect and allow track cycling with it’s simple fixed gear bicycles and spectator friendly arenas highlight the capability and strategizing of the players for each team in a game. A league format is being formulated currently for the International Cycling League (ICL) where city based teams will allow velodromes to have home teams and fans as way to be more excited than ever about track cycling.

Special thanks to Saxo7socks for supplying the evening’s socks!

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