Born from a passion for sport and a desire to see cycling achieve its’ true potential, SpeedtrakTM has been decades in the making. However, from smoke-filled European Six Day Races to the chewed up tracks of America’s mid-west, the history of the World’s fastest game isn’t easily distilled.

A detailed timeline of events can be seen to the right that describes the genesis of SpeedtrakTM. From John Vande Velde’s -the International Cycling League’s Founder and creator of SpeedtrakTM– days of racing in the 1970’s through to our Proof of Concept event held on February 23, 2016. There’s so much history it’s hard to digest, even for John. Join us in the movement to bring innovation and entertainment back on track!


  • Game: 12 Races
  • Teams: 6 men and 4 women called Players
  • Number of teams competing at one time = 4
  • Scoring: Given to the first 5 players across the line in every event (5,4,3,2,1)
  • Penalty Points:
    • Yellow Card: -2 Points
    • Red Card: -5 Points
  • Statistics: Stats will be kept on total points scored and penalized for individuals.
  • Standings points will be given after each game (4, 3, 2, 1) towards League standings.




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